Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 2– 8th to 14th January, 2012

How is everyone going with their Project Life?  Are you still working out what’s going to work for you?  Or are you all sorted and steaming on?  I’d love to know so leave me a comment and share your experience so far.

I’m a bit in the middle.  Some days I struggle to think of an imaginative photo to take (I am a photographer after all) especially when the day is pretty mundane and full of normal boring stuff like work and household chores etc.  Then I got to thinking that if that’s what it is, then that’s what I will photograph.

An example of this was Saturday.  We didn’t have to go anywhere.  No taking our daughter to work, no shopping to do (I did that on Thursday night), no appointments, no-one to see.  So we stayed home all day and chilled out and watched the Cricket and I worked on my Project Life and tried to stay cool as it was warming up outside.  Well that’s pretty boring and I had already taken a photo of the cricket on TV the week before, what was I going to photograph?  Then I remembered I had made some scrummy Donna Hay Chocolate Fudge brownies so I fished the box (Yes I cook cardboard stuff!) out of the recycling bin and photographed that along with some scrummy (repeating myself) fudge on a pretty plate.  There I had it!

Other days like yesterday, it was easier, we enjoyed a delicious dinner of whole gold band snapper on the BBQ and I snapped Renae (who was home for dinner and sleepover) enjoying her food, she loves it when Dad cooks fish.

Of course there is always the photo idea lists I posted in my last post, which I am sure I will need/want to use before much longer.

So onto my Week 2…….Left hand side Week 1…….

Week 2 Left

Right hand side of Week 2……

Week 2 Right

CONFESSION: I did not take the photos of my family on this page, my niece did, thankfully!

I have decided to keep things simple and mix up the layout of my pages depending on the photos I have to work with in any given week. So my Left page is using Template D and my Right page used Template A. This worked for me. I guess if you have more portrait/landscape photos you wanted larger then you would use a template to suit.

This will be the first week I will have some more photos I want to include so I will be introducing my Kikki-K 6x4 photo album refills.


I have created some digital files using the journaling cards in the digital kit to fit in the left hand side of these pages.  Here’s a couple of examples of those.  I have simply made a new file with the correct measurements and added the existing journaling cards and rearranged them a little.  Some are cropped to fit and others are rotated etc.

Eg1  Eg2  Eg3  Eg4

I intend to get the 6x4 photos printed off with my page layouts and put these insert pages together down the track a bit.  I have created a digital folder and placed the photos in here for safe keeping at the moment and to remind me to get them printed.

So there you have it Week 2 completed.  It feels good, it still feels manageable at this stage.

This week my personal photographic challenge is to get a decent photo of myself!

Canon g12 A photographic tip ……You will get a better shot if you step closer to your subject rather than zooming in.  This is one I have discovered with my G12 this week!

Sharon xo

“Project Life is a back-to-basics approach to memory-keeping. This simple format requires no skill - only your pictures and a pen. No one's life is perfect but everyone has a story and every family has a collection of memories. Putting pictures + stories together in Project Life makes us more aware of our blessings and encourages us to cultivate a good life.” Becky Higgins – Find out more here.


  1. I'm finding it easy peasy so far - I think because the kids are on holidays. Once they go back to school and we get into the same old routine every day, it will probably be a whole different story!!! I'm really enjoying your posts - keep them up, I'm loving that you have a whole blog dedicated to Project Life!!!
    Mel x

  2. Oh thanks Mel - that means alot coming from you! I don't have any more children in school so this year is one about change for me :-) Sharon xo

  3. Another great post Sharon. I like seeing what you can do with digital. I am trying to figure out PSE - have started to get it.

    It can be tricky to get a decent photo of yourself. I had any of myself last year and will be making more of an effort this year. So far I've got one in each week.

    1. Thanks Sharon! That's a great goal to have one photo a week of yourself....I will need to start using the self timer a little more, that might help me!